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Obtaining My CCNA Certification

I am Ali Riaz & 25 years old, As a recent graduate of Riphah International University with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, I was eager to start my career in the field of networking. I had always been fascinated by the complex and ever-evolving world of networks, and I knew that obtaining a CCNA certification would be a valuable asset in my pursuit of a career in this field.

That’s when I stumbled upon CCNAGuru and Mr. Saeed Ahmad, a Cisco instructor with over 15 years of experience. I knew immediately that this was the perfect opportunity for me to achieve my dream of becoming CCNA certified.

Under the guidance of Mr. Ahmad, I dedicated myself to studying and preparing for the CCNA exam. The material was challenging, but with the help of my instructor and my own determination, I was able to successfully pass the exam on my first try.

Obtaining my CCNA certification has been a major milestone in my career, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such a knowledgeable and experienced instructor as Mr. Ahmad. I am excited to see where this certification will take me in the future and am confident that it will open up many doors for me in the field of networking.

Overall, my experience with CCNAGuru and Mr. Saeed Ahmad has been a great success, and I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to pursue a career in networking. With hard work and dedication, you too can achieve your dream of becoming CCNA certified.

A Success Story: Obtaining My CCNA Certification
Ali Riaz, a recent CCNA Certified by CCNAGuru

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online ccna trainer

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