What is ccna certification cost in USA?
CCNA Certification Cost in USA?

How much does the CCNA exam cost in the United States?

What is the fee for the CCNA certification in the USA?

Can you provide information on the cost of the CCNA exam in the United States?

How much does it cost to take the CCNA exam in the United States?

Is there a fee for the CCNA certification exam in the USA?

Can you tell me about the pricing for the CCNA exam in the United States?

What is the cost to obtain the CCNA certification in the USA?

Nowadays the demand for network engineers and cyber security engineers is increasing dramatically due to IT involvement in all fields of life. The job opportunity for the certified people is higher as compared to others. The dream for every person who wants to have a future in networking is to become the  Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) in a short period of time. When we consider CCNA Certification, the main point is the cost of training, Certification Exam and duration, and how long time will be required to do this certification. CCNA Training as Compared to salary , this is not so costly certification and training program. A lot of people in certifications are not from the IT background so they prefer costly training and other materials workshops, boot camps. Due to non IT Background, a natural time required to understand this technical course but not hard to learn and overcome. Sure money is a factor to learn and become certified but the dedication of time and learning is also a cost factor.

As I mentioned above, Certification of Cisco Certified Network Associate  is not really that expensive as the people mentioned if we choose the right path. There are a lot of websites which mention the trial basis of free test exam preparation.  A lot of resources are there which provide your old exam papers , patterns and trial basis preparation modules for better preparation as per section like Basics, ACL(Access Control List ) Routing Concept, Network Security etc. Cisco also provides the official material by netacad also exam labs preparation material that cost but the preparation does matter.

CCNA Online Trainer
CCNA Online Trainer

There are a lot of rumor’s about how we can cut the exam cost?  – What are the methods we can reduce the certification fee? I read a lot of articles on internet and stupid words are there, No one mentioned the exact. You know the cisco offer 58% off for the netacad students for the exam if you are under certified academy instructor with an official course. So at this time when i am writing this , Exam Fee USD 300 and after that discount is about USD 126.  For this make sure you are with the official certified instructor like Saeed Ahmad

CCNA is the Certification of Exam for Cisco Devices at Associate Level, So I’ll personally recommend studying the material by Cisco instead of by any other resource . If you are looking for the Reference page, very simple just google with inurl:cisco and do best to get notes from cisco press.that are worthy and one of best. You will get the best notes, best material and explanation of that topic without any conflict.. 

However, there are still a lot of ways on how you can reduce the cost of CCNA certification, that is no longer possible, I have explicitly mentioned above. NO matter the training, the best resource is to get the online training by CCNAguru.  There are a lot of resources at youtube which are really very good and really very bad. Because we don’t know the level and certification of that vlogger, Is that as a good teacher / good trainer or Just certified or a good technical person only. Teaching is a professional and sometimes a wrong teacher can even make the ccna certification hard. If you are willing for the book, Cisco Press is the best resource for that.

Definitely it is possible to self-study and learn for CCNA Certification. In fact, you can do this at home by yourself. If you are a person who has a good grasp of English, not only english other language ccna exam also support available like japanese , putegese , german , chinese etc, you can create study guides yourself. All you need are the materials that you need. For example, you should be able to gather the CCNA test design documents as already mentioned on cisco website a exam demo, CCNA router setup (Cisco Packet Tracer), CCNA exam practice test, CCNA talking guide (best support by CCNA Online Trainer in USA ), CCNA Quiz exercise best of best you can get this material by CCNAGuru Online etc.

As you can see, the CCNA Certification cost (Exam Fee USD 300) in the world, definitely prices and course, exam is unified. It is therefore  most important that you evaluate your knowledge before deciding to go for the CCNA certification exam. There are several ways that you can lower your Training CCNA cost in the USA. Get the Best of Prices with Online one on one trainers.

The first option is to get hold of a CCNA training video . There are many sources and trainers in the market and you can make your selection based on your preference and specially the trainer profile. It should also be noted that the cost of this material should be at par with other similar courses. Make sure that you buy these video courses  by a  reputable seller so that you can save money on the purchase by an authentic trainer. Nowadays thousands of trainers can be found at youtube but don’t know they are professional trainers or just there to have views and earn by ads.

Another best option is to take a CCNA Online Trainer course. These course providers offer online training one on one Cisco Certified Network Associate Course exams preparation at affordable prices as compared to other institutes or schools in the USA.  CCNAGuru is one of the best 1:1 online CCNA Trainer in the USA and provides the training services from the last 15 years. CCNAGuru offers the students schedule with flexible time, weekend class, night class , 100% ccna labs preparation. GGCNAguru also provides the course with all guidance for the ccna certification exam. We also support booking the exam and move towards the CCNP Training CCNP Enterprise: Core Networking (CCNP ENCOR v8)   and CCNP Enterprise: Advanced Routing (CCNP ENARSI v8) .

By Choosing the ccnaguru  you will get all the material that you need to learn before taking the CCNA Certification exam. Once you are fully confident of your skills like MCQs , Drag and Drop and labs , you can then decide on the best method of getting your CCNA certification Exam either on your pc or in Pearson VUE Center. The cost is higher if you don’t get the desired result, else if you get the CCNA Certificate, you win the game, no matter the price. 

CCNA Cost in USA
CCNA Cost in USA