As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it’s essential that our certification programs stay current and relevant to industry practices. That’s why we conduct annual reviews to ensure our exams reflect the latest advancements and trends.

These reviews result in minor updates to our certification blueprints, which clarify exam topics, introduce new concepts, and phase out older technologies that are no longer as relevant. Our goal is to make these adjustments while minimizing disruption to candidates’ study plans.

The CCNA certification recently underwent its 1.1 minor update to align closely with today’s most commonly adopted technologies and solutions. In today’s networking landscape, there’s a growing emphasis on cloud computing, automation, and artificial intelligence.

These shifts are reflected in the v1.1 blueprint, which includes the addition of topics such as AI, machine learning, and Terraform.

Below is a summary of the blueprint changes for CCNA, which will take effect on August 20, 2024:

Introduction of AI, machine learning, and Terraform

Alignment with current industry practices and technologies

Emphasis on cloud computing and automation

Minor Update 1.1

CCNA Minor Update v1.1

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