How I Passed the CCNA 200-301 Cisco Exam?

Posted: 19th November 2022 by ccna200-301 in course, ITN, SRWE

I just passed the CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-301) exam, which is associate level certification for beginners by cisco. In this blog article, I’ll like to discuss about how I have been studied for the certification exam, so you might be able to use a similar. Cisco will judge your performance on the certification exam based on ITN Introduction to Network, SRWE Switching Routing and Wireless Essentials, ENSA Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation that covers the topics as clear by the netacad course titles. You should know how to use these concepts and where to apply these. So let’s start thinking about how we can prepare for certification. You can start with cisco certified academy instructor or get consult with ccnaguru to start the course.

If you have already been in networking field before, this is a great chance to show what you know about networking and specially about the routing and switching concept, such as the different routing protocols, static and dynamic routing concepts, switching and VLAN, interVLAN routing, security, network administration, and support.  CCNA can do things like routing, strong switching concepts, network cabling, and firewall using ACL, network automation, integration, and security.

This test covers 7 layer model (OSI Model) with comparison of TCP/IP Model. Strong concept of IPv4 and IPv6 with the extreme practices of subletting and super netting as used in route summarization in OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) Book-III ENSA Chapter No 1 and Chapter No 2. Basic of Router Configuration with 100% Lab in CCNA with ITN book No1 chapter 2 in beginning of course as you can see the course outline mentioned in ccna course.  Convers Layer L2, L3 as well as the redundancy protocol at L3. There is also concept of GLBP. This exam tests your basic knowledge of how the control network and network monitoring with monitoring tools. As well as the router and switch backup syslog for logging.

The CCNA 200-301 Exam

The Cisco Certified Network Associate Exam is one of the best ways to show how much you know about routing, security concept and its implementation. This is the core for the CCSP / Network Security/ Cyber Security / CEH training. You can learn more about how the network security in Book No 3 ENSA. Whereas have been discuss the network attack types and how to prevent in Layer 2 Attack by using cisco switch. This is the fundamental skill to know now a days for each and every network students and professional.

I must state that the aforementioned site is the finest resource, but it is insufficient for your exam. From here, I will recommend the online 1 on 1 classes by certified academy instructor, instead of recorded session.

Follow the for further article regarding ccna course and if possible hire the mentor from live chat. This is the most important component because the majority of the questions come from these sources. If you have any doubts about the answers because they could be inaccurate in certain situations, be sure to examine the discussion. I personally get official course and there are labs, practice, quiz and if you can hire trainer you can be ready for certification in 2 months if you are fresh in IT industry.