FeatureDynamic RoutingStatic Routing
Configuration complexityGenerally independent of the
network size
Increases with network size
Requires administrator knowledgeAdvanced knowledge requiredNo extra knowledge required
Topology changesAutomatically adapts to
topology changes
Administrator intervention
ScalingSuitable for simple and
complex topologies
Suitable for simple
SecurityLess secureMore secure
Resource usageUses CPU, memory
link bandwidth
No extra resources needed
PredictabilityRoute depends on the
current topology
Route to destination is
always the same
Dynamic Versus Static Routing

Dynamic routing certainly has several advantages over static routing. However, static routing is still used
in networks today. In fact, networks typically use a combination of both static and dynamic routing.
Consider each of the features in above table, and briefly list the advantages and disadvantage of dynamic
routing and static routing.

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