Verification Commands

Common verification commands include the following:

show ip interface brief

show running-config interface interface-type number

show interfaces

show ip interface

show ip route


In each case, replace ip with ipv6 for the IPv6 version of the command.

Filter Command Output

Filtering commands can be used to display specific sections of output. To enable the filtering command, enter a pipe (|) character after the show command and then enter a filtering parameter and a filtering expression.

The filtering parameters that can be configured after the pipe include:

section – This displays the entire section that starts with the filtering expression.

include – This includes all output lines that match the filtering expression.

exclude – This excludes all output lines that match the filtering expression.

begin – This displays all the output lines from a certain point, starting with the line that matches the filtering expression.

Note: Output filters can be used in combination with any show command.