Core Components of ACI

Posted: 19th September 2021 by ccna7guru in ENSA
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There are three core components of the ACI architecture:
Application Network Profile (ANP) – An ANP is a collection of end-point groups (EPG), their connections, and the policies that define those connections.

Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) – APIC is a centralized software controller that manages and operates a scalable ACI clustered fabric. It is designed for programmability and centralized management. It translates application policies into network programming.

Cisco Nexus 9000 Series switches – These switches provide an application-aware switching fabric and work with an APIC to manage the virtual and physical network infrastructure.

The APIC is positioned between the APN and the ACI-enabled network infrastructure. The APIC translates the application requirements into a network configuration to meet those needs.

Core Components of ACI APIC