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NEW CCNA 200-301 PATTERN IN EXAMINATION Network Fundamentals: Includes basic fundamentals of networking 20% Network Access: How to connect to a network 20% IP Connectivity: Basics of Routing and Switching 25% IP Services: Includes services DNS, DHCP, FTP… 10% Security Fundamentals: Foundational knowledge 15% Automation and Programmability: Importance, basics and application 10%

Port Address Translation

Posted: 17th November 2020 by ccna7guru in ITN

Port Address Translation (PAT), also known as NAT overload, maps multiple private IPv4 addresses to a single public IPv4 address or a few addresses. This is what most home routers do. The ISP assigns one address to the router, yet several members of the household can simultaneously access the internet. This is the most common […]

Dynamic NAT

Posted: 17th November 2020 by ccna7guru in ITN

Dynamic NAT uses a pool of public addresses and assigns them on a first-come, first-served basis. When an inside device requests access to an outside network, dynamic NAT assigns an available public IPv4 address from the pool. In the figure, PC3 has accessed the internet using the first available address in the dynamic NAT pool. […]

Static NAT

Posted: 17th November 2020 by ccna7guru in ENSA

Now that you have learned about NAT and how it works, this topic will discuss the many versions of NAT that are available to you. Static NAT uses a one-to-one mapping of local and global addresses. These mappings are configured by the network administrator and remain constant. In the figure, R2 is configured with static […]

Selección de las unidades ópticas

Posted: 10th November 2020 by ccna7guru in ITN

Los factores que deben tenerse en cuenta al adquirir una unidad óptica se enumeran en la Figura 1. En la tabla de la Figura 2 se resumen las funcionalidades de las unidades ópticas. Los DVD pueden almacenar una cantidad de datos mayor que el CD y los discos Blu-Ray (BD) pueden almacenar una cantidad de […]

Cómo acceder al material del curso CISCO Netacad

Posted: 2nd November 2020 by ccna7guru in ITN

después de la compra, obtenga una cuenta netacad, viva con un instructor. chat en vivo sobre el curso. acceso completo al curso con una cuenta oficial de Cisco Netacad como estudiante. Podrás acceder al curso de por vida. Se encuentran disponibles asignaciones, laboratorios, comentarios del curso y exámenes finales. Curso CCNA1: Introducción a las Redes […]