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Types of Malware

Posted: 31st May 2020 by ccna7guru in ITN

Adware Adware is usually distributed by downloading online software. Adware can display unsolicited advertising using pop-up web browser windows, new toolbars, or unexpectedly redirect a webpage to a different website. Pop-up windows may be difficult to control as new windows can pop-up faster than the user can close them. Ransomware Ransomware typically denies a user […]

Router as DHCP Server

Posted: 30th May 2020 by ccna7guru in ITN

Step I: Create the dhcp pool by NameRouter(config)#ip dhcp pool pool1 Step II: Assign network of IP addressRouter(dhcp-config)#network Step III: Assign a default gateway to that above mentioned poolRouter(dhcp-config)#default-router Step IV: Assign a dns to that above mentioned poolRouter(dhcp-config)#dns-server Router(dhcp-config)#?default-router Default routersdns-server Set name serverexit Exit from DHCP pool configuration modenetwork […]

NetAcad Digital Badges

Posted: 10th May 2020 by ccna7guru in ITN

A digital badge is a verified, portable and data-rich digital representations of demonstrated skills, learning outcome, achievement or experience.