MAC Address Table

Posted: 21st April 2020 by ccna7guru in SRWE

The MAC address table is responsible for identifying the switch ports and VLANs with which a device is associated. A switch builds the MAC address table by examining the source MAC address for the traffic that it receives. This information is then maintained to shrink the collision domain (point-to-point communication between devices and switches) by reducing the amount of unknown unicast flooding.

The MAC address table is displayed with the command show mac address-table [address mac-address | dynamic | vlan vlan-id]. The optional keywords with this command provide the following benefits:

address mac-address – Displays entries that match the explicit MAC address. This command could be beneficial on switches with hundreds of ports.

dynamic Displays entries that are dynamically learned and are not statically set or burned in on the switch.

vlanvlan-id – Displays entries that matches the specified VLAN.